Tuesday, November 12, 2013


We just got home from a 7 day cruise, which I've documented at my new blog:

I plan on going back and writing entries about our trip to Paris and Dublin earlier this year as well.

Hope to see you there!


Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Edith Head!

The Google logo for today is this...

Cool, but nowhere near as cool as the real, classic, elegant looks she created on some of the most gorgeous women who ever lived.

with Sophia Loren

Grace Kelly
Mae West

Even her concept art was stunning and regal.

And you can see how that left side drawing translated when executed into a garment.

Audrey Hepburn

Before Google, had you ever heard of Edith Head?

The legend herself.

Here's an interview with her.  It's long but interesting. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Playing dressup

Wasn't I just saying that I haven't blogged clothes in the longest time, and that I'm pretty well over it?  Well, yesterday it snowed for the first time.  I rotated some clothes out of storage from last winter, and since I was running short on hangers, spent an hour or two making outfits on one hanger apiece, to free up some space.

What fun!  It's been a while since I just played with my clothes.

Silly story... a couple of weeks ago I got some food on my top when hubby and I went out to dinner before my chorus rehearsal.  Since he was headed home and I still had to spend a few hours with adults, I took his shirt right off his back!  I showed up to chorus wearing a plaid men's shirt, and one of the ladies said "Oh, I didn't recognize you at first, since you always dress so nicely."

Personally I didn't think there was that much of a difference, but others do!  And it's really nice to hear, after years of this blog project, that I routinely look "nice".

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Long term planning - to run away.

I'm 37 years old.  That's past the point many people are thinking about starting a career.  Many of my friends, and my husband, are starting to look at their retirement now.  Not me.  I'm just getting started.

My primary goal is, and has always been, to leave.  Go.  Run away from home.  Start a new life.  Be vagabond.  See the world.  Probably not a surprise, as I was raised on Rick Steves travel shows.  Yet, barring a few months here and there, I've never lived more than 300 miles from where I sit now.  Having had a child at 18, I've never been able to make the huge leaps I would like to.  Now that children are no longer in the picture, I'm free, in the largest and sometimes scariest sense.

Why is social work the key to the world for me?  Three big reasons...

Now, this isn't the simplest route to live overseas.  The simplest route is just for my husband to take a job transfer to a base in Europe, and be a lady of leisure.  Only problem with that?  Leisure and I don't get along.  I have a busy mind and need problems to solve and people to talk with.  (Another problem I despise acknowledging is that it would also make my entire life and livelihood dependent on my husband.  Not a position I am comfortable with.  I want to know that if things get stupid, that I can still take care of myself.)

Here's a story of a young lady who did it in England.

So now all I need to do the schooling and go from there.  My elderly dogs should pass away before I'm ready to roll, leaving me with just a cat to care for.  Ideally, I will be able to get a job in the same area hubby can take a transfer to, and we can live happily ever after.  Then he can retire as soon as he is eligible (12 years from now) and we can go from there.

This plan will take a few years and a lot of work to execute.  But I think it will work.  I think there's a whole new life waiting out there for me.  So I think I'll just go get it.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Navel-gazing a bit.

Ally posted earlier in the week about why people blog. It's a thought provoking read, as many of her posts are.

I totally identify with the assessment that many clothing/fashion blogs aren't really about the clothes - they are an effort to connect with others.  In fact, I've just about given up the clothing aspect of this blog.  Partially because I thought the blog was contributing towards my spendthrift habits, and partially because I feel like I mostly have it under control.  And this year's been tough.  I have more impactful things on my mind than my shoes.  However, sharing these things puts me in a vulnerable position.  I need the outlet, but I also have to be mindful of what I'm putting "out there".

Sometimes I think I blog like some people pray.  Without any certainty that someone is listening, and mostly when the shit hits the fan.

So what's up in Freeda's world?

We did our last scuba dive, and are now certified.  Leaving for our cruise in just a couple of weeks.  To that end, I'm making a goal of having my house nice and tidy before I leave.

I'm getting back on the horse with trying to learn to speak French.  The Michel Thomas audio books are AWESOME.  Making great progress.  To what end?  No idea, since when we went to Paris I didn't really care for it.

My cat has fleas.  She had a bath tonight.  She's been up my bum lately, wanting a ton of attention.  I wonder if she was just trying to point out that she needed some help?

Forgiving my husband for something is proving to be really hard.  I thought I was doing well but I seem to be cycling back into a lot of resentment.  Therefore, I spend a lot of time fantasizing about running away from home, essentially.  :/

I have had a couple of job interviews.  There's one very good opportunity, but one that doesn't seem as good but may suit me better, so either way I'm good. Plus I'll still be doing taxes.  But, with things with the hubby being a bit shaky, it makes me very reflective of the fact that I'm not capable of supporting myself financially right now.  I hate that feeling.  And then I resent him more, for putting me in that mindset where I have to look out for me instead of counting on him.  Ugh.

My mom was quite seriously ill for a long time.  Today, at my niece's birthday party, is the first time I've seen Mom really seem like herself again.  That's a wonderful feeling.

My kid goes into the Navy approx a month from now. So, there's that.

Cooking is becoming a big focus for me.  I'm becoming a slavish devotee of Ree Drummond.  I've made her potato soup, mac and cheese, and alfredo.  Comfort food central around here!  Related:  Gained some weight.  Not thrilled about it.  But not upset enough about it to really do anything.

2013 has not turned out anything like I thought it would.  I'm looking forward to the new year.  Even as I look back at my old posts, I can see myself hanging on for dear life for so long.  It makes me tired.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Planning for Halloween

Are you thinking about a costume yet?  Are you going out?  Do you dress up to hand out candy?

I think at this point I've settled on Cruella DeVille.  My costumes are usually based around what will keep me warm!  Therefore, the idea of a long dress, wig, fur, and gloves is right up my alley.  I rarely dress up - maybe once every five years.  The makeup on this one, from the Cherry0Bomb blog, has me fascinated.  Love it... so expressive!

What are you going to be?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A gorgeous fall week - happenings.

This week has been unbelievably beautiful out.  I should be mowing the lawn for one of the last times of the year.  Instead?

We did our first real lake dive in SCUBA class.  I didn't die.  I only inhaled water like three times.  One dive left this coming week and we're certified.

Went to my favorite joint for awesome chow and friendly chatter.

Tried to catch a meteor shower.  Failed, but had some nice chill time outside at night.

Went and saw these guys play.

And  caught a fancy schmancy dessert here. 

We also went to my niece's soccer game, then took both of the girls to the pumpkin patch afterwards.

Sunday I played an event with my friend Jim.  We're going to get together more and work up an act.  We play well together.

Topic of the week:  Whether I should shut down my office, as my fledgling enterprise is not financially self sustaining.  It may be better just to terminate my lease and work from home for a while.  A setback, not a failure.

Are you enjoying what's left of fall?