Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lesson learned.

So I thought:

1.  It's raining here and there, so I'll just wear a hat and that way my head and glasses will stay dry.  I do hate having to wipe my glasses, and who wants their head rained on?
2.  I'm teaching first aid, but I'm still sick so I'm going with a long skirt for comfy and range of motion.
3.  Poncho is a great way to keep myself warm while keeping the room cool while my employees are working up a sweat doing CPR compressions.

Sensible, warm, comfortable, and considerate, right?

Then I learned:

Wearing a floppy hat, a poncho, and a sweeping skirt will cause your employees to hand you a stick and ask you to cast a spell.  *Insert Harry Potter references here.*  Expelliarmus!!

Hat and poncho: Target
Skirt: Dots
Sandals: DSW

1 comment:

  1. At least they're having a little fun while training on Saturday....


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