Friday, November 11, 2011

How is it Friday already?

Today a doctor's appt, mandatory training, and then we did demo work at the rental house. We are ripping out and replacing a small bathroom.  I'm sure I'll post pics at some point.  In the mean time...  or is it "meantime"? I'm never sure.  Outfit!

Thrifted jacket, hand me down sweater, Limited tank, sooooooo old jeans, Payless shoes.

This outfit felt so good and unexpected - I mean come on, the fabric looks like a carpetbag but it still is super cute - that I'm going to save it for Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet style!

Tangent:  I have a weakness for patterned jackets.  In fact, I once worked at Chico's, which is the number one retailer of novelty jackets.  Their new catalog came today, featuring Diane Keaton, who I love!!


  1. I love your jacket... Perfect length. You look good in those colors. I 'm reno-ing our b- room too... Big job! Have a great weekend & don't work too hard.

  2. Thanks Dee! I thought with this bathroom being only 6x6 that it would be a) cheap, and b) fast. Wrong-o!! We're climbing over each other, it's ridiculous. Good luck with your bathroom!

  3. Hee! Every reno we've ever done has been not-cheap and not-fast : > Love, love your jacket - I'd like to find a cool carpetbag purse in a print like that. Thanks so much for coming over to post at Visible Monday, you look fab!


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