Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Learning Disabilities?

My daughter is struggling in school.  In the past, we were accepting that math and science might not be her strong suit.  When school got harder, we got tutors.  Now she is starting the second half of junior year, and she just bombed her finals for first term.  In past years we may have said "well, that's what happens when you don't study."  But she DID study.  A LOT.  She went into her two big finals (International Studies and Algebra) confident and prepared.  And failed - spectacularly.  The IS class was even open notes, but there's some kind of connection that isn't being made between reading the question and locating the answer, whether in her head or in her notes.

We have a doctor's appointment with her pediatrician in Feb, an appt with a neuropsychologist in April, and her school psychologist (I never knew they had one) is going to talk to her and her teachers this week.  My main priority is just making sure she can gain some ways to cope with whatever her difficulty is without getting discouraged and giving up on the educational process.

If you have been through getting diagnosed with a LD as a teen, either for yourself or for your child, or if you know of any blogs or resources I would be grateful if you left a comment.  Any good thoughts or prayers sent in her direction are appreciated as well.

We've been lucky thus far.  We got all the way to turning-17-in-2-weeks without anything major being wrong!  She's never had surgery or broken a bone...  but now we have to get this figured out so she can be successful moving forward.

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