Monday, January 23, 2012

New Boots!!

Winter finally decided to show up, so I decided to get new boots to celebrate!  After much debate, I ordered Sorel Snow Angels from  $65 with free shipping, so I was pretty happy.  I know Sorels will last for years.

I'm not gonna lie.  I may never take them off.  I'm the kind of person who is always cold, and they are just phenomenal.  They fit my short wide feet and there is room for my cankles, so I'm over the moon.  Lawyerdoll should get some too!

I tend not to wear snow boots.  I just tootle along in completely insensible footwear and then wonder why I am 1) freezing, and 2) falling down!  You would think someone who has lived in Michigan for most of her life would have more sense!

Next on my list of winter wear investments will be a better quality full length down coat.  I have a cheapy white one from Old Navy that leaks goose feathers all over.  And I have a pricier brown Calvin Klein down coat that has odd pills under the arms.  I want to, ideally, get something with down alternative, as down can get my eyes itching.  I have a down alternative pillow and comforter and they are just heavenly...

Staying warm and trying not to get sick is just about a full time job for me in the winter.  A job that just got easier!!  Yay!

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