Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I think that's the name of this green color.

I have had this scarf for quite a while but the odd green made it hard to wear.  This week I had a Groupon to Old Navy, so of course I went and dropped fifty bucks and got a few things, including this clearance turtleneck!

I was happy with the turtleneck because of the color, and because it is a little big and so just kind of skims.  I put this outfit together with the app I talked about yesterday, which doesn't account for fit.  Since the shirt is large, it wrinkled kind of weirdly around the armpits of the vest.

I chose the boots to pick up the brown tones in the scarf. Not sure that worked. The wrist brace is sexy, no?

Yesterday I wore a skirt and thought the outfit would look better with jeans.  Today I wore jeans and thought the outfit would look better with a skirt.  Sigh!  No matter how good it looks in an app, you just never know till it is on your body!!

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  1. The scarf is pretty. The outfit works. I haven't had any luck in using online apps for fashion.


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