Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fashion Show!

Today I went to a fashion show.  I have never heard of there being one in my town, but it was put on by a "wealth management" group owned by the parents of one of Kiddo's classmates.  5 boutiques participated, and the models were employees or friends.  The booze was free, unless you count the 20 minute introductory lecture on financial planning that was geared towards women.

I was a little annoyed at the approach - financial relationships between spouses were kind of characterized as adversarial rather than cooperative.  It was the sitcom kind of scenario, where the husband is a lovable doof, and the wife does all the real work.  I don't know about you, but that is NOT how things work in my house!  My husband is in no way inferior to me, and I hate that about pop culture.  It's like the opposite of misogyny, so would it be misogandy?

Anyway, the clothes!!  It really ran the gamut, from cocktail dresses to casual knitwear.  I enjoyed how some of the models were kind of giggly and casual, and some of them were like "I AM America's Next Top Model!"

There is an annual fashion show fundraiser for the Art Institute at the end of March.  I may go to that one too!

Things were stressful at home yesterday and today, so it was nice to escape a bit and take my mind off it.  On the way home, an employee who also appreciates astronomy texted me to make sure I got out and saw the moon tonight - it was huge, low, and orange.  So that was nice too!

Have you ever been to a fashion show?


  1. What a wonderful event. Glad you enjoyed it.

    I've never gone to a fashion show despite an aching desire. Given how many of them are in my area, I really should. But I'd need a friend to hold my hand.

  2. There were a few guys in attendance. I have to admit I felt out of place being alone there as everyone else had a chum. But I took refuge behind the camera lens!

    Maybe that would be a good activity for an out of town trip?

  3. "Misandry", I believe, is the work you were looking for.

    ...unless, of course, "the bird is the word"


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