Monday, February 27, 2012

Ready for bed!

I usually wear a head wrap to bed. I find I get fewer colds! Lately I am trying silk, as it is warm but light enough that my hair isn't wet when I wake up. This is "mammy style" wrapping - remember Mammy in Gone With The Wind? There are no knots under your head when you lay down so it is a great bedtime technique.

Add two of the top items in the clean laundry pile, and this is what I look like to veg on my couch playing ukulele. Sexy, right? :D Ooh yeah - I am so hot!!

Life is short. Laugh while you can!

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  1. We bought a ukulele in Maui from a 300 lb Hawaiian ( nicest man ever) wearing only a flower print pair of short- shorts...he was a friend of the shop owner (they mainly sold "made in Hawaii" ukuleles & some other local instruments)... So cliche & so awesome. He played the one we bought and boy could he play. Good memories.
    I think you look cute in the pics. ( you always look cute)


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