Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hello strangers!

I haven't died, I'm just crazy busy at work.  We have another audit coming up next week.  Also, I wrecked my truck, and have been having a significant uptick in anxiety as a result.  All of this will pass.  No worries.

In the meantime, I actually wore something cute yesterday.  White (Ebay) Chico's pants with this Old Navy shirt I bought while in Minnesota last month.  This makes it look like the bow is in the front, but it is actually in the back.  Very low, too, like bra strap level, though you can cinch it up (which I will do next time).

While in Minnesota I also got a sweater and 3 ponchos.  I like ponchos for comfortable traveling, and they only come in style rarely, so I grab them while I can!

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  1. freeda? freeda who? :)

    Pretty top. I'll bet it looks great on you.


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