Thursday, March 1, 2012

Road trip side trips

Any time we have to go somewhere, I want to pack as much in as possible.  Like when we went to Virginia for Hubby's nephew's graduation, I wanted to go to historic Jamestown.  (Couldn't/didn't, but that's a rant and I'm not gonna get into it.)  When we went to Nashville, we stopped at Lincoln's childhood home, Mammoth cave, and Lost River (another cave), and went ziplining.

My friend is getting married in Virginia Beach this summer.  It's about 3 hrs from Chincoteague and Assateague Islands.  Have you heard of them?  The Misty horse books were set there.  In brief (and possibly incorrect, as I'm not fact checking as I write), some Spanish ship sunk aaaaages ago and the horses that  on it swam to the nearby islands, where they lived happily ever after.  These horses - the young ones, anyway - are rounded up, swam across the channel, and sold off every summer.  The Misty stories are about a couple of kids who help round up one of these horses, who turns out to be an exceptional one.

So my goal now is to head down a day early or stay a day later and camp on Assateague Island (where the horses live) or at Chincoteague Island (where the sales take place).  This will be a week before the roundup, so it will be full of horses!

There are some truly stunning photos of the horses here:!i=719442290&k=udXHr

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