Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Your perception vs. the perception of others

Don't you hate it when you think you look cute and someone else thinks you look "eh"?

Or like today. I look at this outfit and go "eh", but I got like 3 compliments over the course of my work day. Overall I think I look shapeless with the blazer on, broad with it off, the pants really crease a lot more than I would like.  I do love the earrings though.  Real silver and turquoise, from a thrift store.

So then I came home, changed into a maxi dress, ate dinner, and made this.  Which I like much more than my outfit.  Especially if you skip the babbling.  (Playing starts at the 1:20 mark.)


  1. Great colors and stripes always look good. The earrings are superb.

  2. I was finally able to listen to your videos, both this one and the one in the previous post. Wow. You have a beautiful singing voice. Very appealing. The songs are lovely. The uke gives nice accompaniment (and reminds me of George Clooney's new movie, "The Descendants").

  3. You've wowed me again...I love that song. You have a great voice. The dress is pretty, no wonder you like to wear it.


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