Monday, June 11, 2012

Goals - follow up

I set some goals six months ago.  How did I do?

1.  Devoting time to friends.  We don't hang out enough in person.  Not just C, but D and A as well.  Sometimes I'm a crappy friend.  I blame my job.  Once that changes, we'll find out for sure, won't we?

I only still talk to one of the three people listed.  And not enough.  FAIL.

2.  Doing stuff with my husband - away from any glowing screens!  And doing stuff FOR my husband, like the mountain of laundry that has taken up permanent residence in here.

I could say I was doing better.  But that is probably not true.  FAIL

3.  Reading.  Not re-reading my childhood favorites, but taking on more challenging and current material.  I just joined a book club on towards this end.  Also, hubby is getting me a Kindle for Giftmas!

Joined and abandoned the book club.  But loving the Kindle, and reading more.  Still reading too much of the same old stuff.  SEMI-WIN? 

4.  Art of some sort.  Still working out what I can do there.

I have done NOTHING. FAIL

5.  Drum Corps.  The season is over, and I didn't go to a single show.  The last time I did was when I competed, half my lifetime ago!   Next season I will go. 

If we amend this to "music", I am doing great!  It's not Drum Corps season yet, though, so I get a pass.  PASS

6.  Physical activity.  I used to walk and go rock climbing and now I sit on my ass.  What's up with that?  

Still sitting on my ass.  FAIL

7.  School.  I'm not done learning yet.  Never will be.

Have made zero progress.  FAIL

8.  Weddings.  I miss them!

Have ONE scheduled for this year.  WEAK SEMI-WIN.

9.  Church.  I am involved now, and don't want to sacrifice it again.  It's important to me.

Have only attended a half dozen times this year.  WEAK SEMI-WIN

10.  Social Activism.  I will continue to promote and defend my belief system through non-violent protest.

Have not done a damn thing.  FAIL

Did you keep any New Year's Resolutions?

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