Saturday, October 20, 2012


I ordered these shoes from Amazon - got a great deal and was very excited.  I tried one on when they got here to ensure they fit, and then figured I would debut them at a party Friday night.

Friday night I was getting ready and ... had to wear purple shoes instead.  Why?

If you look carefully you can see that they match.  Even down to the fact that they are BOTH left foot shoes.  

Now, I'm not much of a dancer, but I don't anatomically have TWO LEFT FEET.

I am returning these (obviously) and ordered replacements.  They didn't have red left so I ordered teal.

What I wore...(I hate my legs)


  1. Too funny about the "matching shoes." Don't hate on your legs! They must be super if you use them to dance :-)

    That purple dress is really cute and a great color on you.

  2. Ha! Pretty dress and fun poses.

  3. It stinks that they couldn't replace them in the red that you ordered... rrrr!

  4. Oh my god! I'm glad that you are able to return the shoes, but wow - amazon, just wow. However, I think your outfit turned out marvelous despite the change in plans. Don't hate your legs - you look amazing!


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