Tuesday, October 8, 2013

No meteors tonight.

Tonight I went outside to look for the Draconid meteors.  No dice.  Perhaps especially because I live in a well-lit town and maybe even because I have no idea where the constellation Draco is.  But I did hear a buck snort in my back yard.  Which then made me nervous... it's mating season, right?  So the deer are all mildly insane?  But anyway, it's lovely out.  I'll try again tomorrow.

 What else is going on? Thanks for asking.  People so rarely want to know for real.

I have recently had a series of hair adventures which culminated in a "hang in there till it grows back out"-do.  Business is stagnant.  Finished my summer classes and started a fall class on tax theory.  Weight is stable.  Relationship with teenager is nonexistent.  Stepdaughter is pressuring me to "make amends" with teenager - not sure how that's possible when teenager has made it crystal clear she wants nothing to do with me. Relationship with hubby went through a bad moment, so we'll see how that plays out.

Overall 2013 is not turning out to be a banner year.  Maybe it's time to start planning 2014.

At least dinner has bacon in it.


  1. Hope things improve for you. Everyone deserves to be happy.

  2. Uke blues- love it. You're so talented. I've missed you. Things will get better. Lots & lots of hugs.


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