Thursday, October 24, 2013

Playing dressup

Wasn't I just saying that I haven't blogged clothes in the longest time, and that I'm pretty well over it?  Well, yesterday it snowed for the first time.  I rotated some clothes out of storage from last winter, and since I was running short on hangers, spent an hour or two making outfits on one hanger apiece, to free up some space.

What fun!  It's been a while since I just played with my clothes.

Silly story... a couple of weeks ago I got some food on my top when hubby and I went out to dinner before my chorus rehearsal.  Since he was headed home and I still had to spend a few hours with adults, I took his shirt right off his back!  I showed up to chorus wearing a plaid men's shirt, and one of the ladies said "Oh, I didn't recognize you at first, since you always dress so nicely."

Personally I didn't think there was that much of a difference, but others do!  And it's really nice to hear, after years of this blog project, that I routinely look "nice".

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  1. We develop a relationship to clothes early in life and it sticks with us. These stories sound right to me.


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