Monday, September 26, 2011

Tomboy Style

So through another blog, I found, which is great.  I have to say that I love this style, and it is a favorite of several people who I admire, ie Diane Keaton.

That said, when I try to exercise the menswear inspired looks, I get a lot of mixed feedback from my closest people (husband, kiddo, etc).  In short, the word on the street is that I might be able to pull it off if I were thinner, or even if my hair was longer.  But with shorter hair, glasses, and being kind of a "sturdy girl", basically I just wind up looking a little butch.

That's not a look I'm opposed to, but it's also not exactly what I'm going for.  How do you pull off this look with my body?

Today... (crappy iphone pics.  shocker, right?)  Apparently I'm in a brown, with a hat mood this week.  Pretty sure that hat qualifies me for VISIBLE MONDAY today!

Target hat
Thrifted sweater and blazer
Tuscon Zoo peacock necklace
Kmart jeans
Payless boots

Past almost-successful menswear inspired looks....   (See, I told you longer hair helps!)  I love hats, vests, ties, trousers, flat shoes.

Hmm, I've only worn that gray vest once.  Where did I put it?  I think I can style it better than that.

And remind me never to cut my hair again.


  1. I think you look very good in the menswear style. You look very good in hats. I'll have to check out the blog you wrote about. Happy Monday!

  2. I agree with Debbi - I think you look grand in menswear - an updated Annie Hall. Very cool necklace too. Thanks so much for participating in Visible Monday!

  3. I like you with shorter hair, Freeda! It suits you.

    I love the menswear look on you as well - you have a nice Annie Hall vibe going on!

  4. I love that hat... and hate the trilby. Today's outfit worked, and I also like the one with the pink button-down shirt. Even if it does read a bit "Rachel Maddow" or "Ellen".

  5. Yeah, I got rid of the trilby. My wide face needs a wider brim for balance. I love the way Ellen Degeneres dresses. I don't watch Rachel Maddow's show though.

    Thanks ladies!

    After looking at those pics, I took the odd extra buttons off the gray vest. They were pointless and I think made me look wider.

  6. Menswear looks best when combined with a little dash of femininity, usually supplied by long hair. You can still pull off the look with short hair by consciously adding a feminine touch. Many women, including you, look attractive this way.


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