Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Busy Busy!

Well, let's see.  Friday Kiddo and I left for a weekend regional church teen group service project.  (I am the leader of the teen group at our church.)  We drove to Louisville Kentucky to work for the Fuller project, which rehabs low income housing.  No swinging hammers, we were tasked with landscaping work.

Traveling duds - man, these jeans were so tight I couldn't feel my legs by the time we got there.  (I bought some new jeans when we were running thru Indiana on the way home, though.)

Slavin' away.

The kids.

Me and Kiddo.

While we were there, my niece was born!  Sarah Lucille, 7 pounds 11 ounces 21 inches.  When we came home we drove straight to the hospital so I could kiss her sweet lil face.

I didn't take a pic of Monday's outfit, but that night we drove 3 hrs each way so Kiddo could see "We The Kings" at a little acoustic show.  We stalked the lead singer, then pounced for a photo op.

Tuesday was a long work day that started at the hospital, where I unexpectedly ran into my sister and baby niece again!  What a great way to start a tough day!

I wore this stuff.

Which all put together made me look kinda chubby.  I mean, I am chubby, but this wasn't very flattering. (End of day pic, hence wrinkles.)

I'm thinking that the combo of empire level belt with big skirt doesn't work for me.  I think either I need a closer fitting top with a big skirt, or some fitted pants with the empire level belt.  Good to know.  Also, my legs are still reflective.  :/

Now I shall finish watching "The Saint" with my wonderful hubby and call it a night.  I hope your weekend was interesting too!

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