Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Inspired by Hillary!

Today's outfit was inspired by Hillary's outfit on 10/4.  Green jacket, floral shirt, jeans, big floral ring.  I wish I had taken the time to figure out some cool layered bracelets like she did, but I don't actually own many bracelets.

Sorry the pics suck.  Rainy/cold/windy so I was in a hurry to get back inside!  On the up-side, blurriness makes me look wrinkle-free.

I didn't wear the funky heels and socks, because I spent a lot of time on my feet today.  Simple Toms-style slip ons did the trick.

Am I, at 35, too old for jeans with a pattern on the butt?  These are the ones I bought this weekend, to accommodate my current weight.  It feels a little.... conspicuous.


  1. the jeans look excellent :) nice outfit

  2. I am playing catch up with involves lots of fast scrolling but I totally got it in a second. Awesome dude totally flattered and dig the shoes!


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