Friday, October 7, 2011

I *heart* Kalamazoo.

Well, it's "first Friday", so that means it's Art Hop!  I've posted about Art Hop before, but it has so many aspects that there's always something new.  I wasn't planning on going downtown today, but I was in a bad mood and today was surprisingly beautiful, so we went downtown for a walk and dinner at Rustica to cheer me up.

This week is WMU homecoming, so there were lots of these people handing out flyers for something or other.  That's a "W" on his chest.  How excellent is that?!

The Radisson hotel downtown has some little shops inside, one of which I just love.  (Now, affording it is a different matter!)  It's the type of place posh old ladies go. (Which means it's conservative, but in style, but not super trendy... so just what I like!)  And what are the posh old ladies wearing this season?

Faux fur and animal prints out the yin yang.

And, for grins, these ghastly little bags.  What, exactly, is going on there?  Is that seriously a roulette wheel?

They remind me of an episode of "Sex & the City" where one of the girls got a horrid little bag from her love interest because it was what all the "society ladies" were carrying that season.  Can't remember which girl it was...  I do love those big wrist cuffs on the bottom display though.  I could totally see Pam wearing those.

Because it was Art Hop, here's the piece I wish I could have!  Not sure if you can tell the scale of it but it was probably six feet wide or so. Very striking!

Then on the way home we stopped for the weekly "cruise in" at the auto parts place to check out some gorgeous metal.  My favorite was a '70 Nova with a blower.  So pretty, though a little jacked up high for my taste.

So there you have it.  What we do for fun in the Midwest, seeing as how we don't drink or go "clubbing".  What do you do for fun on a Friday night where you live?

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  1. Where I live, people go to expensive restaurants for the evening. The experience is not just a meal, it's also entertainment. Which is why restaurants here are hugely expensive and innovative with their cuisine.


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