Monday, October 24, 2011

Kitty skirt, second attempt.

This skirt got poor feedback last time.  Yes, it's kitschy, but I like it anyway, so I gave it another shot.

Last time my marshmallow-white legs were very distracting, and I felt like the busy pattern needed to be broken up some.  So.... better?

This week I'm reading Falconer, by John Cheever.  It's fiction about a prisoner, and I'm not very far in.  I have been following Salman Rushdie on Twitter and he makes me feel inadequate, so I'm working towards adequate literacy!  :)

Boots: ebay
Skirt: etsy
Ring & Cardi: random?
Sweater: JJill via thrift


  1. I like the colors of the skirt and you present it nicely with those boots and cardi. Even a quirky item can be the center of a well-chosen outfit.

  2. ahaaa is that one of my mom's creations?
    It's wicked cute and I don't know why I don't have one! **runs to text her** I like how you keyed off the blue!


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