Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Have you been watching Once Upon a Time?

Although my TV is almost always on, it's usually on NFL network.  That's a hubby thing; I don't really care for TV much. The exceptions are Big Bang Theory , FOX Tuesdays (Glee, Raising Hope, etc) and Sunday night Once Upon a Time on ABC.

I am really enjoying the wardrobe on Once Upon a Time.  The "old timey" looks are lush and well thought out.  The characterizations for modern-day is striking and totally believable.  Except for Ruby (Little Red Riding Hood).  Who looks this good in real life?  No one I know - we don't grow 'em like that in Michigan.

Meghan Ory on Set - once-upon-a-time photo

A lot of the other characters are more of an achievable look.  If I had my druthers, for a work look I'd model after the Mayor (Evil Queen).  She is very classy and always looks put together, even when she is furious!  Hubby says she has good legs.  Haha!  That's something I can't change.

Photo Gallery: Once Upon a Time

I think of all the characters, Mary Margaret (Snow White) has the most achievable look.  It's modest, although a little on the "sweet" side.  I do love this lace blouse though.

Are you watching Once Upon a Time?  Are there other shows you watch for fashion inspiration?


  1. Hi Freeda. - hope all is well.
    Love that lace top too.

  2. Anyone know if the lace blouse is available or if it was made for the episode? Happy Holidays!!!

  3. I have no idea, but I sure hope to find one like that!


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