Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Bonus kitty pic!!

Isn't Effie CUTE??

I was noticing that it's time to wax.  I wax my own brows, but haven't gotten to it yet this week.  I have a pot and everything that I got at Sally Beauty Supply.  It has lasted FOREVER.  Seriously, I've used the same pot of wax for a couple of years!  I just buy new strips and popsicle sticks every few months.

Thick, shapely brows with some nice arch seem to be in style right now, and I'm pretty decent at making them on myself.   I was thinking about why doing my own waxing helps me make a better arch than when I have it done professionally.    Here's my theory.

Let's see if I can explain it in a way that makes sense.

*Tangent, ooh, I didn't realize my lower lashes are so long.  My upper lashes are stubby, though.*

Okay, the PINK arrows are the places that I would normally wax, under the brow, for tidiness.  (Along with between the brows, but that seemed a little obvious to bother marking.)

The BLACK arrow is an naked eyebrow - one with no eyebrow pencil taken to it.  When the professionals look at that, they try to take all the "thin, straggly hairs" off the top.  While that makes a clean naked brow, it also makes it very skinny.

See how the BLUE arrow is a "done" eyebrow?  I used the eyebrow pencil and filled in the straggly bits and shaped the edges.  I don't think the waxers understand that I need those hairs!  When you have a broad face like mine, skinny brows just won't do.  There has to be balance.

Well, I'm off to wax now, and tomorrow you can see two lovely totally done eyebrows.  Hope that may have given someone else an idea to help prevent over-waxing/plucking!!


  1. You're exactly right. I have too few hairs to spare so, if someone took them off me, there wouldn't be any volume in the bulk of the brow. Nice to know you are better at this than the pros. And you probably charge yourself less...

  2. Am a serious bargain! :D I think when I was younger I just struggled so much to create an arch because I thought the arch was created by removing the lower hair. Turns out to be way easier to enhance the upper hair!!

  3. I'm sooo glad you've (and fashion in general) gotten away from the teeny brows. It was a weird look.


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