Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kinda in love

I'm kinda in love with this outfit.  (Now if only my hair looked better.... I need a trim and highlights.)

The Kmart sweater is high cut so I don't feel all poppy outty bust-wise.  The Chico's jacket is really warm so I don't have to bother with a jacket - it's in the lower 30's here now.  The Maurice's necklace is faaaabulous and was only three bucks.  It looks oddly similar to my sister's new necklace which was also only three bucks!

The Maurice's pants have a fun texture and fit me pretty well.  And my boots, while not comfy, are fo shiz tall-making and clicky-walking.  You can only see my toes, but here's the rest of the boot.

Also in love with this week - the book ROOM.

Today I had a meeting at church and after I bum around the house a bit I will go to the rental house to sand drywall and throw up some paint.  :)  Yesterday I did some sanding, taped the corners and put up more joint compound, and put a little paint on the wall to see what the color is when it dries.  I also scraped the excess adhesive off the floor with razor blades.  A couple of my employees and one of my friends helped, so it was an easy evening!


  1. I'm really loving red and purple together... I'm so joining the Red Hat Society when I'm 50!

  2. In person it is more of a raspberry, but I agree!!

  3. I love those colors on you, Freeda. Plus you've got a great smile to top it all off with. Sweet!
    :) f


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