Friday, November 4, 2011


This is a screen capture from Dead Like Me, which was a neat series about grim reapers.  Anyway, I never wear makeup, but I love this look.  I was goth-y on and off in high school (before goth was a descriptive term) but it wasn't polished and pretty like the kids do now.  Tres' dramatic!

Apparently this is what I looked like today.  Soooo comfy. Therefore, hideous.  Yet, if I was truly dressing up as "feeling like freeda" instead of any other standard, this would be about it.  Boots (mainly so I don't have to shave my legs), a big skirt, and something comfy on top.   Hidden hair...   Sheesh, I practically look Amish.

That's all the mail and a couple of prescriptions for Kiddo, who got her wisdom teeth out this morning.  Her recovery is going swimmingly; we're quite pleased.  I am also pleased with my use of a semi-colon just now, as they are tricky little buggers.

In other non-news, I put a sticker on my truck that says "Life is good", because I'm trying to focus on the positive.  While in the waiting room at the oral surgeon, I made a contact who may be useful in my upcoming career change.  I made kiddo watch Les Miserables and Dead Poets Society while couch-bound -- she needs to learn these things somehow!  And.... um....  yeah, that's about it.   Hope you are having a stellar weekend!

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  1. Nice punctuation. And I'm glad the recovery is going smoothly.


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