Monday, November 7, 2011

Did I figure it out?

A friend gave me a box full of purged items from her closet, and this peacock blue is my absolute favorite color lately so it got the first run of the items.  Thank you, sweetie!!

Did I finally figure out how to wear this vest?  Or is this another "also ran"?

Between the vest and the HUGE FEATHERED FLOWER, I think I qualify as "visible" for Monday!

Secondary question, these jeans are too short for heels, right?

The fabric should come down to... um... HERE, right?  My kingdom for 2 more inches.

Side note, and a big fake smile, this is what I wore to church Sunday.


  1. I think you got the color plus flowers just perfectly. I love how you can do the editing right on your photos, of how you'd like your hem - very clever!! Thanks so much for participating in Visible Monday, great to see you again.

  2. I love the vest and flower with that button-down! I spotted your picture on Visible Monday and had to come check it out.

    I think the pants are a smidge short if you're sitting while in those heels, but if you're just walking around, go for it.

  3. That vest is fantastic! And I think those heels are definitely low enough that you can wear them with those jeans. Might be a little short sitting down, but probably not too bad.

  4. My goodness what a gorgeous color. And the vest looks nice on top of it.

    I was always taught pants should extend down to the top of your heel (which these do) but that is with men's clothes where the heel is only an inch off the ground; here, your heels are bigger. You're so close though that I believe you're overthinking this. Nobody will notice. I'm too busy admiring the shoes!

  5. What a beautiful color and I love the feather/flower pin. Great outfit.


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