Friday, July 27, 2012

Other Stuff: Deployment

Most of you know my husband is a retired Marine. You probably don't know that he works for the Department of Defense now, and is therefore still deployable.  He's leaving again, today, this time for Afghanistan, only for six months.  So, there's that.


  1. Hi Freeda! my brother is retired Air Force, he spent a lot of time in the middle east. I've always been proud of him but the day he retired i was so happy and heart is with you. And i didn't even have to deal with all the day to day stuff like a spouse does during deployment(yep, in our forties we were no longer living in the same house ;)

    Hang in there blue star lady!! steph

  2. Good luck to him and you. It must be hard to be separated for so long.

  3. It's mostly just boring. I've gained a lot of coping skills over the past 15 years - 9 of which he was active duty - but I'm bored as beans.

    On the upside, my house will get clean.


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