Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sunday style

I changed churches with my daughter.  I used to go to a very quiet, thoughtful, introspective kind of church.  Now the one we attend is like a rock concert.  It took me QUITE a while to adjust, but now I'm enjoying it.

It's still a million degrees out, which is why my yard looks like crap.  I'm so not weedwhacking in 100 degree weather.  That's a Calvin Klein dress I haven't worn in ages.  I love yellow!


  1. Terrific yellow and black combo.

  2. Great combo and that leather bow is just driving me nuts!!! i love how you picked up the color/texture with the shoes and bag as well. & nice idea for wearing black in the heat. I love to wear black in the heat but my sweat glands don't agree ;) i'm always on the prowl for good tips, this one is going in the file pronto!

    "I'm so not weedwhacking in 100 degree weather." smart lady. Heat prostration does nothing for your looks, either. Happy Sunday! steph

  3. Thanks!

    I love that belt. It came with a pair of suit pants from the Limited, and was designed to fit around the hips. I cut and sewed it so it would fit at waist level and I wear it a ton. More than I ever wore the pants!


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