Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Class Rings

Do you have one?  Did you want one?

Kiddo is a senior this year, so we're starting to work on the whole senior expenses list.  Photos, yearbook, cap and gown.... and maybe ring?

I never had a class ring. Or senior pics or a yearbook.  But I am thinking I want one now.  Hillary had a post about a customized jewelry place and I could get a ring that had stones representing all 4 levels of my schooling.  Blue for my high school, Red for my Associate's degree, Green for my Bachelors, and Gold for my upcoming Masters.  I guess I should wait till I'm ready to graduate with the Master's, huh?  I start in 2013 and it's a 2 year program.  I'm excited!


  1. You play the uke? Actually I don't play one but I have collected a few junkers and painted on them for fun.

    I bought a class ring about 20 years after I graduated from high school just to have the keepsake. But then I lost it! ;)

  2. I got my class-ring in high school and wore it for years afterward. It was a nice reminder of the effort I put into academics.

    If this appeals to you, do it. It's nice to have mementos around for the emotional pick-me-up they supply.

    Oh, and I'm sorry to hear you're lonely. If I were nearby, I'd take you out for coffee and shopping.

  3. I do play, Joni! It is my favorite hobby these days.

    Thanks, Ally. I have a friend who checks up on me daily - he's a sweetie - but mostly I just work and sleep.

    I have a meeting with my boss on Friday (always nervewracking), and then I think/hope things will ease up a bit.

    Hubby sent me a huge bouquet yesterday. He's silly.


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