Tuesday, August 21, 2012

In the Pink

Recycling yesterday's scarf from Maurice's, along with last week's skirt from Maurice's.  Add a couple years old batwing sweater from Limited and some Kmart shoes from last year, I think, and you have a symphony of ... more pink.  Maybe I'll just wear pink all week.

Doesn't this knot...

Look way better than this knot?  It stays put better too.


  1. Cute outfit. And the knotting is attractive. I need to learn how to do that.

  2. Hi! I read your thoughtful post on Shybiker's "popularity discussion" and really liked what you wrote. I feel for you when you said your friends are in the computer and your family is distant, and your husband is deployed? Wow, I hope you find the support you need to get you through the ups and downs. Music does help! If we lived in the same area I'd meet you for coffee!

    Take Care and nice meeting you,

  3. Ally, I learned that from Une Femme. I think she has a pictorial somewhere on her blog.

    You're sweet, Joni! This week has just sucked and I have been wallowing a bit. Most of the time I'm very cheerful.


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