Friday, August 10, 2012

I was going to blog this days ago,

but Photobucket was being all wonky.

Sorry for the mirror photo, both here and to come.  But hubby is gone, Kiddo is at her dad's, and I'm all by my lonesome.

I liked this outfit, but I need to replace this button down.  It's very thin and the neckline lays a little awkwardly.  The jeans also aren't my favorite, but overall I think this is a really good look for me.

Shirt - OLD
Necklace - Premier Designs
Vest - J.Jill
Jeans - Maurice's (Silver brand)
Shoes - TJ Maxx


  1. It is a good look -- polished and stylish. Fits you perfectly.

  2. I agree - a good look for you.


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