Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's kind of gloomy out.

We've had a couple of gorgeous days lately but today is very overcast and glum feeling.  Good thing I'm wearing one of my favorite dresses and my very favorite pleather bow belt.

Due to how fast the black is fading (it was a cheap dress), it is going to be demoted to house-dress by the end of summer.  That's why I don't own more black and white prints, though I love them.

Doesn't my office have the world's ugliest carpet?  Haha!

Anyway, this kind of weather has me going "oh my gosh, fall is just around the corner!"  Kiddo starts school in a few weeks - her senior year - so there will be some shopping in my near future.  As she gets older, but stays the same size, we're working on investing in better quality clothing so it will last her into college.


  1. That's a cute loook. Your hair looks smashing.

  2. Thank you! I'm really not in love with my hair this week so that's nice to hear.

  3. If you dyed the dress, would the new color "resurrect" the black?


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