Friday, August 17, 2012

One store wonder

Yesterday I went to Maurice's.  I find that I shop more when hubby is gone, not because he's not there to rein me in, but because I'm starved for non-work conversation.  My daughter's friend works there, so we had a nice chat and I got several things, including the tank, top, and skirt pictured.  The sandals are WalMart and necklace Premier Designs.  I like the ruching on the sides of this top.  And I always love a surplice top. My assistant has a skirt like this I like, so I was happy to find this on the sale rack.


  1. What a stylish top. Artistic and attractive.

    Hope you don't get too lonely.

  2. So cute - love the stripes and the surplice neckline is so flattering! thanks for linking up to Visible Monday : >


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