Monday, August 20, 2012

The parade o' bad pics continues

Another matchy matchy day, and another Maurice's day!  Earrings, cardi, tank, scarf, and lacy shirt all from Maurice's.  Jeans from Kmart and boots from Payless.  I was originally going to wear some tan work pants with a cream pinstripe, but my laundry didn't dry fast enough.

Today I ordered the remaining five windows for my house.  4 thousand bucks.  Holy cow.  They're not even big windows!


  1. Nice outfit. Those colors look good on you.

  2. I just realised how good the turquoise color of your phone looks with the top.... Don't you have a turquoise necklace or earrings? Try it.

  3. That's a good idea! I have a lot of blue, but not a lot of turquoise. Maybe I will wear blue tomorrow. :)


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