Friday, September 7, 2012

Goodbye cheap leopard flats!!

Two days ago I hated my pants and loved everything else.  Today, with the return of Target fit 4 pants, I am having the exact opposite experience.  You know I'm a matchy matchy sort, and not having something that ties the colors all together is kind of annoying me.

I tried jazzing it up with the leopard flats, but that just proved to me that they need to be retired.  I'm digging the leopard loafers I've seen around, though, so those will be an upgrade.  I added the leopard belt so SOMETHING would match, but it seems to accentuate rather than mask my chub.  I tried it at empire waist level and that just looked painfully stupid.

Ah well.  As they say, tomorrow is another day!!

Today I have a "girl date" for Mexican food.  Tomorrow, a uke jam and then a birthday party for my niece.  There's a few things I could go to in the evening but my wallet is crying so I think it's time to stay home for a bit.  You up to anything interesting this weekend?

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