Saturday, September 8, 2012

Stuff that made it into this week's "get rid of it" basket.

One of my decluttering goals is to fill this basket weekly with stuff to get rid of.  Depending on brand, quality, and condition, the items go to Goodwill or consignment.  I know a basket a week may sound like a lot, but I have a LOT of stuff that I never wear.

This week's haul features 4 items I've worn in the last 2 weeks.  Probably because I tend to put the items into this basket right after they come through the laundry.

  • The tweed skirt.  I just am not comfortable with the length/my legs and am not willing to modify it.  
  • The yellow turtleneck.  I feel too busty in it and it is so thin I have to wear a tank under.
  • The brown jeans. They are a 14, I am not.
  • A purple dress that has never been blogged because it's just that awkward.
  • Some really painful black shoes.
  • Some worn out leopard flats (though I plan on buying replacements).
What else will make it in before the drop off on Saturday?

How often do you purge?  Do you have a system?

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  1. It's smart to get rid of clothes you don't like or that don't fit. I realized that only recently. Now, I edit my collection every 2-3 months. Throwing things out opens up space and makes me feel better about bringing in new clothes.

    Next time you do this, let me know and I may buy some stuff from you.


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