Friday, September 28, 2012

I feel so cute!

Wednesday was cool and foggy, so naturally that meant a cardigan and scarf.

TRENDS - gigantic scarf. Not even a real scarf, just a yard of sheer-ish fabric I purchased for a party the other week with the theme of "houndstooth"

UNEXPECTED ELEMENT - I used and onyx & silver ring as scarf pin

TEXTURE - old but trusty pants

COLOR - fab shoes

Here's the very low quality pic of head to toe, the best I could fit in!  I feel very presentable for just about anything you could throw at me.


  1. Cute outfit…

    The scarf reminds me of the Arab men's headdresses that the alternakids wore in college. Why can't I remember the proper name for that garment?

  2. You are thinking of the keffiyeh. But this is just houndstooth of varying sizes and it has a rose outline overlaid in some spots.

  3. Very chic. And doubly impressive that you constructed it out of bits and pieces. You've got style, sister.


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