Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hello my honey...

hello my darlin', hello my ragtime gal...

This outfit is from Tuesday, which consisted of work and a jam.  Because this top is slippery I threw a sleeveless top over it to kind of be a waistcoat so I would have something for my instrument to stick to.

The jam takes place at a community center, where people dance and there is ice cream.  So it pretty much rules.  Oh, and there's a squaredancing part too!!

Performer fact o' the day:  Skirts look a lot better on stage than pants.  This one has pleats!!

Boots: Bare Traps at DSW
Tights: Walgreens!
Skirt: Target
Slippery shirt: Dress Barn
Black vesty shirt: soooo old, who knows?
Bad hair: lack of salon time.

In other news, I may be joining the Sweet Adelines singing group.  They're like barbershop quartet type music, only it's a huge group all harmonizing.  I think the local group has 20 or 30 women.  I figure this is a good way to learn breath control, harmonizing, etc.  I am going to a meeting next Monday to see if it is a good fit for me.

I also applied for a different job, after 3 years at my current gig.  If I get it, it will be a big pay cut but a much better work/life balance.  So any good vibes or prayers towards that would be appreciated.  

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  1. My ex's mother sang with the Sweet Adelines. Nice group of friendly people. In her area, though, almost everyone in it was old. Like retirement age (65) or older. You'll be the "kid" in that crowd.


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