Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My fat clothes

The pants are Cassidy cut from Limited, and in a 14.  I should really get a 12.  The top is from TJ Maxx, and I could gain 50 lbs and you'd never notice.  The jacket is Dana Buchman, which I believe is a Kohl's brand via Goodwill, and I'm not sure it goes with the top.  Overall I feel shapeless.


  1. Each piece is nice by itself, but they don't go together well IMHO. Different styles.

    They are shapeless clothes which many women pick to hide in. I understand that impulse, but it usually leads to further despair. It takes courage to reveal ourselves, in clothing and other ways, and the effort is almost always rewarding.

  2. I saved the jacket but put the rest in the purge pile. :) Thanks for the nudge!!


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