Monday, September 10, 2012


A forum I frequent was having a lively discussion about the terms nerd, geek, dork, etc.  I found a lovely venn diagram on ehow and reproduced it since it was way tiny.

I think I'm on the border between geek and nerd.  Maybe not quite smart enough to be a true geek, and probably not socially inept enough to be a true nerd.

This is perhaps the best description I have heard of any of these terms.  (Click to embiggen.)

Do you feel like any of these terms apply to you?  Do you think of them as pejorative or do you wear the label with pride?

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  1. All insults can be appropriated, turned around and worn as a badge of honor. I like that.

    I've been an outsider in various ways my whole life, so I embrace efforts to diminish the social power of those who condemn me.


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