Sunday, September 2, 2012

New addition to my blogroll

I just added to my blogroll, and I wanted to mention why.

She is a

  • teacher
  • curvy girl
  • lady who wants to promote positive body image
  • clothing lover
  • thrifter
  • volunteer

and while each of those is readily found elsewhere in the blogosphere (though each is a unique voice)... this is the reason she stood out to me, and why I added her:

She is creating a life full of what lights her fire.  This lovely lady is a ballroom dancer, and you can just feel how she strives to better herself in this passion.  She isn't sitting around thinking wistfully about what her life could have been or should have been.  She's making it happen.

I try to be that kind of person, and I try to surround myself with others who do the same.

What lights your fire?  Are you making it happen?  Are you carving out time in your life to make your passion your priority?


  1. Lots of change going on here! New header, new blogs, new hair. Even new attitude. Grab for joy, buddy. GRAB!


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