Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Target is BACK!

I wore this for church and to go to lunch with my sister Sunday.  All by Mossimo from Target except the earrings and purse.  The pants are "fit 4", which is great for thick legs.

For several years it seems I have not had a lot of use for Target.  They tried to get all "fashiony" with their designer collaborations, but the regular offerings were just kind of blah.

But I happened to go to Target lately and they just hit a home run for me with the Mossimo mix and match items.  There's essentially two color schemes - I went with the peacock blue and teal green scheme.  It's like they created a little wardrobe capsule for me and I am loving it!  There are several items from this collection you'll see soon.

Oh, and yes, I dyed my hair.  2 colors, dark brown on top and burgundy underneath.  I'm really glad I didn't do the burgundy all over, as I have an important meeting this week and a pink head would be unprofessional.

Not sure why this posted when it did, it was meant for Tuesday. Reposting!  :)

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