Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Well, this didn't work.

This outfit is from Sunday, at church.  Bible case and keys in hand.  I really liked this print but didn't try it on in the store. When I got home I found that a 14 would have been a better choice than the 12.  I actually bought, wore, and gave away this skirt all within 36 hours.  I always have the same problem with skirts.  They are fine till I sit down.Why don't I learn????

This is the same blouse as in yesterday's post.  Wearing this heavy necklace didn't work because it kept falling into my cleavage weirdly, as you can see above.  I fiddled it for the pic below.  I love that turtle.  It's from a Salvation Army.

Well, that's all I have to say about that.  Better luck next time, right?


  1. I'm more than a little familiar with your plight. I can rarely predict how clothes will fit me until I actually try them on -- and, in many situations, that's not possible until too late. The turtle is very pretty!

  2. I can imagine that your situation is difficult, and totally appreciate how that winds up with you buying thrift instead of retail to reduce the cost of experimentation.

    It's frustrating. But I don't dwell if I can avoid it! Tomorrow's outfit has GOT to be better!

  3. Cool print on the skirt... what a pity....


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