Thursday, October 18, 2012

Accessorize Me!

This basic outfit of boots, midi skirt, and long sleeved top is a favorite of mine for fall going into winter.  I can wear long johns under the skirt (with a slip) and be toasty warm without feeling really bulky.  In fact, I also have a red and black skirt like this with gold shot through it that will be perfect for the Christmas season.

Click to enlarge if you like.

But where I get stuck is the accessories.  Looking at this several days after wearing it, I'm thinking a black scarf might have helped.  I love that camel color but it isn't kind near my face so I need to break it up.  Or maybe a jacket?  I know something needs to happen, but I'm not sure what.

What would you do to this outfit?  And no, burning it is not an option.  Accessorize me!


  1. A jacket in a great color, like blue or green or maybe try a belt or colorful necklace. A denim jacket would be cute for dressing down. A sweet beret style hat or more structured cloche hat (neutral or colors work) It's a great base outfit to dress up any number of ways

  2. It's an attractive base upon which you could go in several directions. I'd draw more attention to the top area with maybe a statement-necklace or a scarf.

  3. Is there a color in the skirt to pick up with a scarf? I'm thinking a necklace alone won't be enough to help with the camel color by your face, if it's not flattering.

    Maybe add a black jacket?

  4. The skirt is just camel and black. I do have a quilted black vest, but I thought it was still a little warm out for that.

  5. I agree that a scarf in a color that lights up your face would be great. Because the outfit is pretty neutral, you could go almost any direction with the scarf: red, blue, green, purple.

    A wide black belt would also pull together the black boots and your shiny, dark hair. I love the advice I read recently, which really helped me with belts: Wear your bras a bit tighter and your belts a bit looser for a more flattering fit! Just going one notch looser on my belts has made a huge difference in the comfort factor, too.


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