Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lots of compliments

I think it's kind of odd that this outfit got as many compliments as it did.  It didn't feel special when I put it on.    Looking at it, I feel like it was pretty pulled together but not really noteworthy.  Go figure!

Just a long sleeved shirt, one of those weird butterfly tops over, and a necklace I lengthened with an extra chain.

And some rusty but trustys down below.

I really need to put a proper hem on those.

If you get compliments on the outfit, does it make you want to rewear it more?  Does it change your feelings about an outfit?


  1. Of course I want to rewear outfits that get a positive response!

  2. I see the point of the complimentors -- the outfit works. It makes you look hip.

    I listen carefully to the views of others since many people have more knowledge and judgment about clothes than I do.


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