Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Everybody is pregnant.

(I do not know the person in this pic but it is super adorable.)

Everyone seems to be pregnant lately.  A sampling of those expecting:

My cousin's daughter is pregnant too, and my nephew just had a baby.  Plus several of my friends either just had babies, are currently pregnant, or are trying.  It's baby-insanity.

And they're all adorable.

I was not adorable during my pregnancy.  I was tired and miserable, and I carried my weight all over instead of just in the belly.  Then when Kiddo was about 1 1/2 I wanted to start on a sibling for her, but I got divorced instead.  Then Hubby and I married and after a few years of debate, he got a vasectomy instead.  (I was very angry about that for a few years, but now I am grateful.)

Babymaking is one of those things - like running a marathon - where I don't want to DO it, necessarily, but I still can feel a little left out when everyone else is doing it.

Baaaaa.  I am a sheep.  But, as usual, I am the black sheep.

Does this remind you of any situations in your life?  Let me know in the comments section!


  1. you are a saint. I am not adorable! I have been so sick I feel like a brick shit house and getting dressed is a NIGHTMARE. All I do is complain about how tired I am and how nothing fits and I feel so unlike myself all the time. Seriously my ego has taken a beating. (not that I had a healthy one to start with)

    I felt so leftout. I had fertility problems and I got angry and upset a lot. THEN i get pregnant and no joke 2 family members do one a week late another soon after and now another person. I wanted to be in the club now I am a jerk and mad that I didn't have even a month of being the special one.

    1. Aww. :( I have several friends who have been TTC for years. Then as they get pregnant, the ones remaining who are still trying are so sad. It is hard to watch.

      I don't know your family, so to me you are the only preggo in your family, and I think you are TOTALLY adorable. Hang in there, hun. It's a temporary situation!

  2. I definitely feel left out, especially as I consider myself someone who will probably always be childfree. I just don't see it in my future. But what's worse is I get a lot of flack in real life and get the online disconnect from friends and bloggers who are in that transitional part of their life. I'm just not experiencing it.

    Other newly (?) pregnant bloggers include Keely at and Ada of


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