Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blogoversary? A retrospective.

Shybiker said the other day she's been reading my blog for "years".  And then it seems like everyone is celebrating a blogoversary lately .... so I looked to see when mine is.  Blogger says I've been here since May 2008.  That cannot be true.  Seriously?  4 years & 5 months.  That's insane.  I only claim the last 2 years of it, and apparently I missed that anniversary by a couple of weeks.  But let's celebrate anyway!

Hmm, let's look at my photobucket and see what the oldest outfit pic I can find is.  Ah, here we go.

Interestingly, I still have the shirt and tank and I think the shoes.  No longer have the palm plants or the arch thing, and that floor is now carpeted.  STILL HAVE THE GLASSES ON MY FACE!!  Haha!  And I think I'm a little heavier there.

Oh, a couple pages later, there's kiddo in the same items... making fun of my "cowboy" stuff.  I wore those boots yesterday, actually.

As I scroll through there are oh so many fails.  It's pretty funny!  And some items I just can't believe how old they are.

Like, this looked stupid then.  Why do I still own it now?  Answer?  Because it looks cuter with boots and yellow is still my favorite color.

That is a fake ponytail.  And the hair bump.  Oh. My. God.  And you know I need something with a waist since I don't have one of my own...   Oh dear.

Please explain to me why I still own this suit? (Maybe it's better since I lost some weight?) Still have the dog, though.

I was obsessed with denim jackets.  I need to consign the two I still have.  

How. Did. No One. Stop Me.  Happy to report the only items standing are the purse and boots (never to be worn with a skirt again.)

Hubby crashing a blog pic.  I miss him!  

This may be the longest my hair has ever been.  I would love for it to look that good every day!

Oh my gosh, I just dug that jacket out of a box and wore it this weekend.   And I wrecked that car a couple of years ago.

Here's my sexy hubby again.  Did I mention I miss him?   (Haha, I cropped out his big ghetto booty.)

Well, that's enough nostalgia for now.

Lessons learned?  

  • Trust photos, not how you feel at the moment.  I have felt really cute in some stupid looking shit.  
  • Get new contacts.  
  • Grow my hair out and leave it dark.  Reconsider bangs vs no bangs.   
  • Lose some more weight.  
  • Kiss that man repeatedly as soon as possible.  
  • Everyone looks good in "happy".


  1. My secretary is looking at me weird because I'm cracking up! I, too, have felt really cute in some stupid outfits! *sigh*

  2. Aww I think sometimes the camera lies. I know some outfits are cuter than they appear, and some were not as good as the camera suggests. Don't always trust the camera. <3 Trust yourself. If it makes you feel good, wear it.

  3. I like the last two points the best, and I agree with Megan! I've had days when I loved my outfit, but it looked horrible when I took pictures!

  4. Congratulations! I think you had 2 or 3 posts when I found your blog. I did an Internet search on "happy" and a post about your daughter popped up. You have wonderful hair...with or without bangs.


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