Thursday, October 25, 2012

Great site

I clicked on a Facebook ad.  I never click on those!  But this one is totally worth it.


(Full disclosure, if you click on that, it will credit me with a referral but only if you buy something.)

What's available changes constantly, and they run different specials and sales all the time.  I got a cute dress for.... drum roll....


I mean seriously.  .  Some of my favorites (I'm into high necklines and busy prints right now.)...


  1. Nice dresses. Blogger wouldn't let me comment the last two days.... So i couldn't tell you how cute that picture of you & your daughter is. Looks like girls night out is a blast!

    1. Hi Dee! It was fun. Since I don't drink I always feel like everyone is having a little more fun than me, but I'm sure the next day hurts less for me than for them, so it balances out. :)

      Kiddo is turning into a lovely young lady. She only makes me insane about 10% of the time!


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