Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Okey dokey

Well, tonight I logged into Photobucket and it said I was one of the first to try the new format.  So far it is weird, but seems better than the last incarnation but it is SO SLOW.  I should really switch to Picasa since it is integrated with Blogger.

Sunday was my niece's 1st birthday party.  I wore a feathered top from Walmart, a quilted zip up vest from Kmart (I love anything that ends in mart) and some jeans.

This is my younger sister, her daughters, and my brother's son.  :)  That is not my gift... I got the birthday girl clothes.

So, from Monday, this is what I wore to work and singing practice.  Target cardi, hot pink houndstooth scarf from the shop by the mosque, Jacklyn Smith sequin top, random black slacks, black/off-white Fluevogs.  (Yes, I still love saying Fluevog.)

I mean, come on. They're just so cute.  I like them so much better with normal laces instead of the thick leather laces they came with.  (With which they came, I know!)  Sneaky hot pink socks.

This is our Christmas show stack of songs.  I have a lot to learn in just a few weeks.

This is Tuesday's outfit.  Just a Danskin tank and fleece, and a Liz Lange maternity skirt.  So comfy - perfect for a day of catchup data entry.

I must not be thrilled with my hair lately, because I am seeing a lot of ponytail action.

I don't have a photo for Wednesday, as our audit is Thursday.  The only reason this is even getting posted is anxiety related insomnia!

In other news, I got a raise (meh).  Also, most likely a job interview (will find out tomorrow - squee!).  This other job sounds great so think good thoughts for me Thursday!  Between this and some parenting drama, this week has FLOWN.  And I'm going to be fostering a cat named Smokey who was due to be euthanized on Friday.  Spouse is not thrilled, so wish me luck in finding him a forever home soon.  (Not my pic, he arrives Friday after work.)

And finally, a pic from our girls' night out last weekend.

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  1. I didn't know they stocked scarves at that shop... I just go there for the food!

    I didn't know that Picasa was integrated with Blogger, maybe I will switch when my Photobucket bets too full.

    I like normal laces on you Fluevogs, too. I've read that the sizing is weird... what size are yours supposed to be?


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