Sunday, October 14, 2012

I am cheap.

... far too cheap for Anthro and Modcloth.  I found this on Yahoo Answers, and I am having a lot of fun looking through the sites.  Do you have any favorites?

Here's a few online stores in the US similar to Modcloth & Anthropologie but cheaper:

1 Happy Girl Boutique (
$14.33eka Boutique (http://shop$ )
A'Muse Me Boutique (
Aristocracie ( )
Chic Wish (
Chloe Loves Charlie (
Conversation Pieces ( )
Choix (
DejaVu (
DownEast Basics (
Edisen (
Entourage Clothing (
Fancy French Cologne (
Francesca's Collections (
Frock Candy (
La Posh Style (
Lace Affair (
Libby Story (
Lily Boutique (
Mata Traders (
Modcloth (
Mona et June (
Peacock Plume (
Poetrie (
Prim (
Ruche (
Simply Audrey (
Spool no. 72 (
Spotted Moth (
Stitched and Adorned (
Tell Her You Saw Me (
Tulle (

Stores in Canada similar to Anthropologie & ModCloth but less expensive:
La Quaintrelle (

There are online stores in the UK similar to Anthropologie & Modcloth, but most are expensive. You may want to search the sales section or regular section of these sites that often have pieces mixed in that are vintaged inspired:

18 and East (
BooHoo (
Dorothy Perkins (
Lavish Alice (
Love (In Love With Fashion) ( )
LoveStruck (
Matalan (
Miss Selfridge (
Missguided (

There's also a few online stores in Asia, that are similar to the stores listed above. The clothes are vintage-inspired like those found at Anthropologie and ModCloth but cheaper: (when you convert the Singapore Dollar (SG) and Malaysian Dollar (RM) it's much cheaper in US Dollar)

AllThingsLovely (
BerryBow (
Bonvieux (
Cat in the Bowl ( )
Earl Grey Party ( )
Erlina's Vintage ( ( )
Hey Adonia (
LoveMartini ( )
Marce ( )
Modlash (
The Blush Inc. (
The Everyday Life Store (
Thirty Threads ( )


  1. Useful information. As much as I love fashion, I won't spend real money on it (because it's not used in my real life). When I see a pretty dress, I won't buy it for $80. I will, however, snap it up in a thrift-store for $8.

  2. What a great list. I'm extremely lucky to have picked up a number of antro pieces at my thrift store. Like Ally, I can't do $80 dresses, but I will grab it for $8... well I might wait for 50% day.


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