Friday, October 12, 2012

A different perspective

This is what happens when you give this man a camera.  My sister came over for the weekend, so my brother brought his son over to see her.  As we were about to go out, we asked him to take our photo.  (This is with my crappy new point and shoot that I want to throw in a river because it takes worse pics than my iphone.  I need a new, GOOD point and shoot that will fit in my purse.  Any suggestions, please comment! )  

This is the least blurry of the pics he took.  It was hilarious.  Incapable of using the zoom button, this photo was originally composed of half ceiling.  He refused to get up off the couch to do this silly thing for us, so it is truly from a different perspective.  Due to this you can see the odd little contortions women do to look their best in photos.  There are busts thrown up, hip nearer the camera either dropped to create a longer waist or raised to create a longer leg, chins held high to avoid sagging...I just think this is hilarious.

A less salvageable example of his artistry.

I wore that black and white top just so I could wear my.... fluevogs.  :)

After a power nap... nephew ran around like a whirling dervish.

And we tried to figure out a new video game.

Elsewhere on this camera disk, I tried mixing geometric and floral patterns:

and Kiddo went to the homecoming dance at her boyfriend's school.  Isn't she just gorgeous?  Sigh...

Her dress is from White House Black Market.  It's a little big but I figure 10 pounds from now in college it will still look good on her.  The shoes are from Payless.  The hair cost me forty bucks. 

Hey Kiddo, how was your date?  


  1. What a fun post. Amy's taller than you? Never knew that. We don't see scale in pictures and I assumed you were tall.

  2. I'm wearing flats and she's wearing wedges. Barefoot she's about 3/4 of an inch taller than me. I think baby sis is taller than me too, just a smidge.

  3. When my back and the stars are aligned properly, I'm 5'7"… most of the time, I'm 5'6"… lol.


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